Please upload 1 design only for each file (CMYK).

Please set artboard meter to 57cm x 100cm.

Make sure to embed, create outline, expand and remove your design background before uploading file.

White colour design will automatically shrink for .png file due to printer setting.

Please enlarge or create offset path for white design accordingly.

Minimum size can be print for single white design is 0.07 cm.

  • * Required


ARTBOARD METER (W 57cm x H 100cm) (W 22″ x H 39″)

RM20/meter = Above 100 Meter

RM23/meter = 30 – 99 Meter

RM27/meter = 10 – 29 Meter

RM32/meter = 2 – 9 Meter

RM35/meter = 1 Meter

Incentive flat rate RM27/meter if achieve 50 meter sales within a month from current date.
Incentive flat rate RM20/meter if achieve 100 meter sales within a month from current date.

*last updates on 31 July 2023

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